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Bicé in an Italian manufactured facial serum which is a hyaluronic acid based product that acts in a quick and efficient way once applied. Bicé gives incredible results after use and in many instances only after 2 minutes. Bicé Skin Care is keen to introduce this into the market worldwide with a clear vision to provide only the best to our customers.


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As we age our skin begins to lose its once youthful looking appearance. Collagen begins to deplete and in turn you’re left with wrinkles and fine lines. Loss of firmness is also an issue. Although we can’t control the aging look we can control the way our skin looks!


All Natural Ingredients

Bicé serum contains a high content of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is one of the fundamental components of human connective tissues.
Bicé gives the skin its particular those properties of strength and shape retention. A lack of it causes weakening of the skin resulting in the formation of wrinkles and blemishes…..

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I love These products, the colours are amazing, excellent condition, and my favourite product is the Deep Conditioning Spry.You all need to take a look at this fabulous range of products.


Bicé 30ml-NonSurgical Facial Rejuvenation Serum

As we Age our skin begin to lose its once youthful looking appereance. Collegen begins to delepte and in turn you’re left in wrinkles and fine lines.Loss of firmness is also an issue.Although we can’t control the aging look but we can control the way our skin looks


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